We offer a range of environmental educational resources that have been developed by SUSTAINABLE DIRECTIONS PTY LTD specifically by for the early learning and family daycare sector. The online programs have been used by over 1,000 child care services across Australia and are now available around the World through our ONLINE STORE.



Untitled DesignSmall Green Steps is a cost effective ONLINE sustainability program for early childhood and family day care services.   The 40-step program is completed by the organization as a group and has been designed to provide you with all you need to embed sustainable practices across your service and provide children with an appreciation of nature. There is no timeframe to complete the Small GREEN Steps program - the program is completed at your own pace to meet your own deadlines. Includes email and telephone support from Sustainable Directions Pty Ltd for 12 months.






9473962f61dab6a48ba0911d7b53c6fbThese short enviro courses have been specifically designed for childcare educators, daycare workers, pre-school teachers and parents of young children (particularly those involved in home schooling).  Course material is provided on the TEACHABLE online platform allowing you to proceed through each module at your own pace. Once you have read all the material you need to complete a short test and apply for a certificate. We will then evaluate and email back your certificate. The purchase price includes email support for 12 months from date of purchase. The material for each course has been written for a global audience. 






IMAGE 004We acknowledge the role played by Family Day Care centres in the early childhood sector in Australia and recognise the unique business model that they operate under. As a result we have developed an enviro package specifically for Family Day Care schemes with multiple home based Educators in their network. The material is issued to the Family Day Care scheme central body who can then distribute the information to individual Educators. The progress of each Educator is monitored by the Central body who can issue certificates as each level is completed. The package includes email and telephone support from Sustainable Directions Pty Ltd for a 12 month period.




background 1838851 1920We offer a number of books that are aimed at both children and adults, written by Tony Innes the creator and founder of the Small GREEN Steps program. 'Archie Cleans up the Beach' is the first in a planned series of four enviro books aimed at children aged 3 to 7. 'The Enviro Educator' is aimed at educators, teachers and parents of young children who want to gain a basic understanding of the environmental risks facing the next generation. Printed versions are available in hardcover/softcover versions from our online store and are posted to anywhere in Australia.  The books are available in most other countries via AMAZON. E-Book versions are also available worldwide that allow easy access from a laptop, tablet or smart phone.




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 The Small GREEN Steps program was designed and developed by

Sustainable Directions Pty Ltd. 





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