We recognise the role played by Family Day Care centres in the early childhood sector in Australia and the unique business model that they operate under. As a result, we have developed an enviro package specifically for Family Day Care schemes with multiple home based Educators in their network. 

The package has been specifically bundled for childcare Educators who want to learn more about the environment and how to teach children a love for nature. The package includes:

1 x Sustainability for Educators enviro course

1 x Plastic Pollution enviro course

1 x Supporting Children in Sustainability enviro course

1 x Energy Efficiency for Educators enviro course

1 x Archie Cleans up the Beach eBook

1 x The Enviro Educator (Softcover) POSTED

12 x Months email support

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NOTE: Individual Family Day Care operators can contact us direct for a DISCOUNT CODE to reduce the cost of the program.