We acknowledge the role played by Family Day Care centres in the early childhood sector in Australia and recognise the unique business model that they operate under.


As such we have developed a version of the Small Green Steps program specifically tailored for single Family Day Care operators or centres that are part of a Family Day Care scheme.



Goodstart North Lakes College St 1The Family Day Care version can be undertaken online by home based educators at their own pace and in their own time.


The tailored program is also relevant for Family Day Care schemes that have a number of home based Educators in their network. In this case each Educator undertakes the sustainability course and receives a certificate in their name on completion.


The online course has been priced at $55 per educator in order to suit the budgets of most Family Day Care services. It includes many of the features of the childcare centre program including policies, action plans and how to form a Green Team (using volunteer parents rather than staff members).


The Family Day Care online sustainability program is available through a partnership with childcare training specialists IN SAFE HANDS and you can register or find out more here:




In some areas, Small Green Steps workshops are available for groups of Educators that are part of a Family Day Care scheme. These sustainability workshops are able to be conducted at weekends or after hours to suit the needs of operators. 





Contact us to see if a Family Day Care workshop is available in your area.