iStock 000023101183 SmallThe SMALL GREEN STEPS program involves four levels ranging from Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Best Practice.  Each level contains 10 steps to introduce sustainability at your Centre.

Completion of each level will earn your Centre a SMALL GREEN STEPS certificate for that level.

There is no time limit to complete the program however the majority of childcare services participating in the program, complete all four levels within 12 months.

Even after you have achieved your four certificates, you are encouraged to keep actively involved in the SMALL GREEN STEPS program in order to enjoy:

  • Regular updates on the program material
  • Monthly informative e-newsletters
  • The ability to renew the date on your certificates
  • Use of the program material to train new staff
  • Use of the program material for refresher training for staff
  • Continual use of the Small Green Steps logo on all material
  • Continuation of your listing on the Small Green Steps register. 

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The first 10 steps contained in Level 1 are designed to establish the road-map for your sustainability journey. In Level 1 we help you communicate your objectives and deal with any negative objections that may arise. We then provide the documents for you to form a sustainability committee, establish an enviro policy and create a sustainability Action Plan. Once key staff gain a basic understanding of the impacts and causes of Climate Change, your service can then complete a checklist to earn a Level 1 certificate to proudly display at your Centre.  

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Level 2 concentrates on monitoring and managing your main carbon emissions – electricity, gas and waste. We provide you with an energy tracking worksheet and then take you through a range of energy efficiency and waste management tips. Water conservation advice is also provided for indoor and outdoor areas. Sustainability information for Educators is included in Level 2, covering the key topics of Plastic Pollution and Energy Efficiency. The completion of a Level 2 checklist will earn the respective certificate.

iStock 000006312413XSmallIn Level 3 we start with some advice on how to involve children on your sustainability journey with some enviro activities and tips to establish an enviro outdoor area. We then provide information on sustainability resources for educators including books, films and web links. Level 3 includes advice on getting Parents involved. Educators are provided with an opportunity to get children involved by participating in simple sustainability activities. By submitting a Level 3 checklist, Centres will receive a Level 3 certificate to take them to ADVANCED level.

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The final 10 steps of the 40-step program are designed to take your Centre to BEST PRACTICE level. This entails the completion of a detailed self-inspection on your premises using the Sustainability Inspection template provided. The remaining steps focus on the development of sustainable HR practices and showcasing your environmental achievements. Level 4 also includes a sustainability review of your main supplies and the sustainability of your key partners/governing body. 

The Early Learning Centres, Family Day Care Centres, Kindergartens, Preschools and Out of School Care services that have participated in the SMALL GREEN STEPS program are shown below:

Small Green Steps for Childcare has been designed principally to be delivered as an on-line program to anywhere in Australia with Internet access. However, the program can also be delivered in workshop format in a number of areas and regions around Australia. Contact us to enquire if there is a Small Green Steps in-service workshop available in your area.